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Southern Baptist Convention
Southern Baptist Convention


For almost 170 years, Southern Baptists have sought to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people everywhere. The Southern Baptist Convention was formed with a Gospel vision. Its founding charter identifies its singular focus: ...for the purpose of eliciting, combining, and directing the energies of the Baptist denomination of Christians, for the propagation of the Gospel...

Georgia Baptist Convention


The Georgia Baptist Convention (GBC or GBSC) is an autonomous association of Baptist churches in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is one of the state conventions associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Formed in 1822, it was one of the original nine state conventions to send delegates to the first Southern Baptist Convention, organized in 1845. The GBC is the channel through which Georgia Baptist churches support global missions and work together to take the message and ministry of Jesus to our state, the nation, and the world.

Mallary Baptist Association
Mallary Baptist Association


The Mallary Baptist Association (MBA) is an organization consisting of 50 Southern Baptist Churches and Missions in Southwest Georgia voluntarily cooperating to share Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life with all people. These churches include First Baptist Church of Acree and others located in Dougherty, Lee, and Worth counties.



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