First Baptist Church of Acree - Vacation Bible School!

Vacation Bible School is our main outreach event of the year for children in our community, offering a powerful and unique opportunity for sharing Jesus Christ and positively impacting the kingdom of God.

We take this outreach very seriously and are committed to offering high-quality resources that share the Good News of Jesus accurately with all ages. Our VBS philosophy is focused on the following criteria:

-Our VBS is Bible-based and biblically accurate.
-All learning and activity is appropriate for the age group they are designed to reach.
-VBS is focused of fun, yet grounded in reality.

Our Vacation Bible School is true to the Word of God. We want children to understand the reality of the Bible through an entertaining, theme-oriented learning approach.


Our VBS is our church outreach approach that includes an emphasis on age-appropriate evangelism, is uniquely inviting and exciting for everyone involved. It is centered on a theme that combines content and methodology with a great learning environment - creating experiences totally distinct from Sunday school, and includes a theme appealing to children.

Our VBS provides sound, relevant Bible study that enables children to experience and respond to the gospel message in ways that are appropriate for them. Everything that happens during a day of Vacation Bible School grows out of the biblical content and emphasis of that day, and leads preschoolers, children, youth, and adults to study the same biblical content, when appropriate.

VBS includes schedules that help older preschoolers and children rotate through varied learning experiences with a variety of Christian leaders. We enlists teachers of preschoolers and children to lead certain functions based on their abilities, interests, and spiritual gifts. The primary elements of Vacation Bible School are Bible study, worship, crafts, music, missions, recreation, and snacks.

VBS is an entry point to church and Christianity for many, so we make it comfortable, enjoyable, and appealing. Vacation Bible School gives the church the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with children, parents, and the community.


Yearly Vacation Bible School begins in June

Make sure to reserve your spot! Contact FBC Acree on registration details!

We generally offer Vacation Bible School in the month of June after School lets out for the year.

Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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